Custom Stretching Programs Springfield

Custom Stretching Programs

What are Custom Stretching Programs?
Stretching is a crucial part of keeping your body healthy, but not enough people engage in daily stretching exercises. Stretching becomes even more important when recovering after an injury or illness, as a patient will need to force their body to rediscover their range of motion and flexibility.

Custom stretching programs help patients achieve their motion and functionality goals by assessing the patient’s conditions, needs, and capabilities. A custom stretching program can help you start a consistent road to recovery, giving you the right stretches at proper and recommended intervals.

Custom Stretching Programs Goals

Full Body Recovery: Even if just a certain area of your body has been injured or damaged, a custom stretching program assesses the functionality and flexibility of your entire body. It aims to help you return to your optimal range of motion in all parts of your body, providing the full body, holistic recovery.
Step-by-Step Program: With a custom stretching program, we assist patients in applying a true step-by-step program to their body. This ensures that they never push themselves too hard or too early, and don’t end up plateauing too quickly and regressing in flexibility.

What do Custom Stretching Programs treat?
Custom stretching programs help patients who need to improve their flexibility and range of motion, and are usually recommended alongside chiropractic adjustments and other manipulative physical therapy.