Groin Strain

Groin Strain

What is a Groin Strain?
When the muscles on the inside of the thigh, known as the thigh’s abductor muscles, become torn or injured, this is called a groin strain. Acute groin strains can be caused by sudden jerking motions, such as pivoting during acts of jumping or running. A good example of a movement that is known to cause acute groin strains is intense kicking.

Groin Strain Symptoms
Groin strain symptoms depend on the level of the injury, whether it’s mild or severe. These symptoms include:

– Swelling
– A popping or snapping sensation when the groin strain occurs
– Pain during running, walking, or jumping
– Weakness in affected thighs
– Pain along the hip, inner thigh, and knee

Groin Strain Causes
While a groin strain can be picked up during both walking and running, it is most common to see groin strains amongst athletes in leg-intensive activities, such as football or soccer. Groin strains occur when an individual tears or stretches their inner thigh muscle.

Activities that require muscle movements that contract and lengthen the leg quickly (such as kicking) are common causes of groin strain. However, the following activities can also lead to groin strain:

– Resistance training
– Weightlifting, or labor that involves lifting
– Falling

How is a Groin Strain treated?
Like most muscle injuries, groin strain can be treated with the common home remedies:

– Rest
– Ice
– Leg elevation
– Compression

If the pain is too intense or if you need to accelerate healing, additional treatments from physical therapy or massage therapy is recommended.