Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing Springfield

Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing

What is Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing?
There are cases in which the direct causes of certain symptoms are difficult to track down. Similar symptoms can occur from both muscle or nerve disorders, and the job of the doctor or chiropractor is to understand exactly what is causing the patient’s pain or discomfort. These symptoms are generally related to numbness and tingling sensations, which can be difficult to pinpoint as muscle or nerve damage.

Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing Goals
Diagnosis: The main goal for NCV testing is diagnosis. With the help of a physical examination as well as a thorough study of the patient’s medical history, NCV testing assists chiropractors in finding the true cause for a set of symptoms.

What does Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing treat?
Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) testing is just one test that your doctor or chiropractor might require you to undergo to help determine the cause for your symptoms. As this is a test and not a treatment in itself, NCV testing is a step towards finding the right treatment for your conditions. Some common disorders that nerve conduction velocity testing can diagnose include:

– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Peripheral neuropathy
– Spinal disc herniation
– Ulnar neuropathy
– Cubital tunnel syndrome
Tarsal tunnel syndrome