Night Hip Pain

Night Hip Pain

What is Night Hip Pain?
Night hip pain is one of the most common complaints regarding the hip. The pain can be mild or severe, to the point that the condition is painful enough to keep you up all night. There are several reasons why nightly hip pain might occur, such as your sleeping position, injuries, or a variety of conditions.

Night Hip Pain Symptoms and Causes
Aside from the hip pain, the other symptoms you experience can help determine the exact cause of your discomfort. Some of the common causes of hip pain and their symptoms include:

– Sleeping Position: If you wake up feeling stiff and with a bad neck or back, your sleeping position might be the culprit. Try to straighten your sleeping by sleeping on your back or sleeping with a pillow between your legs (keeping the hips aligned instead of angled). Check if your mattress is too hard or too soft, which could cause a sore hip.
– Bursitis: Symptoms of hip bursitis include:
o Pain that seems to start on the outer side of the hip
o Sharp pain that becomes dull
o Pain that worsens after staying still for a long period of time
– Hip Arthritis: Symptoms of hip arthritis include:
o Pain in the groin, knee, buttocks, and hips
o Pain that worsens in the morning or in rainy weather
o Pain while moving the body
o The sensation of clicking or locking in the hip
– Hip Tendonitis: Symptoms of hip tendonitis include:
o Inflammation of the hip tendons, leading to pain in the buttocks
o A deep, dull, continuous pain in the groin area

How is Night Hip Pain treated?
For immediate relief of night hip pain, there are some methods you can try, such as:

– Fix your sleep position. Find the position that brings the most relief.
– Place pillows between your legs or beneath your hip.
– If sleeping on your back, place pillows beneath your knees.
– Ibuprofen and naproxen can relieve hip pain
– Ice or heat treatment

For long-term relief, a doctor may advise a physical therapist to help strengthen and rebuild the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip, depending on the exact cause of your night hip pain.