Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is a hands-on physical treatment approach that aims to relieve pain and return functionality to the body with special exercises that target the muscles and joints. Physical therapy is conducted by licensed physiotherapists, who begin by examining the patient and understanding the source of their discomfort. They look into a patient’s daily habits, sleeping patterns, and medical history when assessing the cause and treatment for their pain.

Before treatment, a physiotherapist will also test the patient’s ability to:

– Climb steps and walk long distances
– Maintain a steady heartbeat during certain activities
– Move their body – bending, reaching, grasping, and stretching
– Keep a straight and proper balance and posture

From there, a treatment plan can be created, which will include exercises, nutrition, and other recommended treatments, such as ultrasound for muscle spasms and further rehabilitation in cases involving artificial limbs.

Physical Therapy Goals

Rehabilitation and Recovery: It is important to begin with rehabilitation and recovery, as the patient will be unable to accomplish any other goals if they continue to suffer in a state of pain.
Restoring Movement and Functionality: Patients undergoing physical therapy are assisted in restoring maximum bodily movement and functionality, allowing them to move as they once could. For some patients, having the ability to perform daily activities is enough; for others, physical therapy is required to help them return to performing athletic and intense movements.
Prevention of Further Injury: Finally, physical therapy aims to prevent further injury through exercises that involve dynamic stretching and resistance training. These exercises prepare the body for high-impact activity, making it more difficult for injuries to reoccur.

What does Physical Therapy treat?
Physical therapy is the first choice for many conditions and disorders, including:

– Arthritis
– Tendinitis
– Sports-related strains and sprains
– Post-surgery rehabilitation
– Muscle strains