Posture Correction Springfield

Posture Correction

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What is Posture Correction?
Many people have bad posture these days, with many of us sitting hunched over our desks, computers, and phones for several hours at a time. Unfortunately, fixing bad posture involves more than just throwing your shoulders back, especially after long-term conditions have set in. For cases of serious postural problems caused by long-term bad posture, chiropractic therapy is here to help.

Posture correction is a key benefit of chiropractic therapy. By focusing on diagnosing and treating the misalignment of the spine, a chiropractor can help fix bad posture and assist a patient in long-term recovery and prevention.

Posture Correction Goals
Assessment and Observation: Posture correction therapy begins with a thorough chiropractic examination, in which the chiropractor will need to find the following information about the patient:
o Case history
o Their sitting and walking pattern
o Current spinal alignment
o Muscle strength and body flexibility
Spinal Alignment: The main goal is to realign misaligned spine. This involves gently but firmly applying pressure to the spinal column. After several sessions of chiropractic therapy, a patient will begin to see and feel the results in their body.

What does Posture Correction treat?
There are a number of problems that are related to bad posture which Posture Correction can help solve. These problems include:

– Kyphosis (Hunchback)
– Scoliosis
– Damage to the back’s regular curvature
– Forward head posture
– Hip and pelvis misalignment