Ultrasound Therapy Springfield

Ultrasound Therapy

What is Ultrasound Therapy?
Ultrasound therapy is a popular treatment method amongst physical therapists that involves the usage of sound waves to help promote and accelerate the body’s healing process. It follows the basic principles of engaging with the body’s soft tissue by stimulating it with vibration. There are two kinds of ultrasound therapy: thermal ultrasound therapy and mechanical ultrasound therapy. The type a therapist administers on a patient depends on their condition.

Ultrasound Therapy Goals
– Painless Treatment: Ultrasound therapy is a preferred option for patients who experience too much pain performing other kinds of therapy that involve physical manipulation or any kind of movement. Most patients feel little to no sensation during ultrasound therapy sessions.
– Natural Healing: Ultrasound therapy works by engaging with the body’s natural healing processes. This happens through microscopic vibrations sent through the skin that encourages metabolism, friction, heat, and general movement at the tissue cell level.

What does Ultrasound Therapy treat?
Ultrasound therapy might not be the preferred method for all cases of chronic pain conditions, but it has been proven to help with the following conditions:

– Osteoarthritis
– Strains and sprains
– Scar tissue pain
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Bursitis
– Phantom limb pain
– Myofascial pain